2013 saw us in a very steep learning curve of parenting, and I don’t think it will end soon. To keep sane, I took each day as it comes and  let go of any expectations. For the most part, my mothering was instinct-led, it’s not perfect BUT I can face myself in the mirror with no shame and no regrets.

2013 you are unforgettable and you went by so quickly for me. Here are my 5 milestones and highlights of you:

#5 Love at first sight. I now believe in love at first sight. It happened when my son was born.

#4 Listened and filtered more. We were given two ears and one mouth was my mantra for 2013. It was a time to listen to other parents who had life altering experiences. The two most important things I got out of this were tips on child rearing AND empowering the sharer (because sometimes, you just want someone to listen and that’s enough to feel invigorated for life again!). We also had to combat the flow of the overwhelming information available to us, and this is through filtering. That information simply had to fit in in our lifestyle, what we’re comfortable with and what our values can allow.

#3 Wider and deeper connections. We have met so many incredible people who are chartering the same parenthood territory, whether for the first time or the nth time.  So much inspiration and strength came from these connections, how lucky are we to be surrounded by you lot.

We also felt that we have formed a deeper connection with our family who have helped and understood us, and still doing so. We’ve resolved to thank them by paying it forward, and take care of the next generation just as they have taken care of us. I can hear the Lion King’s Circle of Life in my head as a I write this hehe.

#2 Turned 30 and I didn’t even notice! I was going to write “turned 30 altruistically” haha but that’s just image crafting. What I really meant to say was that I didn’t even know my birthday was coming up until my husband reminded me haha I was too busy planning for Harrison’s 1st birthday then! Anyway, I did! I remember waking up that morning and I was smiling. I knew I was exactly where I want to be.

#1 Harrison turned 1! Yay! Watch this space, we will be blogging about his birthday party! :)


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  1. JojoMaribel Espinas on Facebook Says:

    Love reading your blog, Aimee! Thanks for sharing. Happy New Year to you and your lovely family.

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  3. Tess Buenviaje-Fernandez on Facebook Says:

    Great to hear you are enjoying parenthood :) It is surely life changing but it sure is the best thing that could happen to someone who loves to be one. Enjoy summer time in your journey!!!

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